Soldiers attached to the 101st Resolute Support Sustainment Brigade, Iowa National Guard and 10th Mountain, 2-14 Infantry Battalion, load onto a Chinook helicopter to head out on a mission in Afghanistan, January 15, 2019. 1st Lt. Verniccia Ford/U.S. . (photo credit: VERNICCIA FORD/U.S. ARMY/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS)

Arutz Sheva: ‘IDF Special Forces operating in Afghanistan’

Iran claims: Israel sent troops to Afghanistan to gather intelligence on Iranian military movements.

Iranian media claim that Israel sent special forces soldiers to Afghanistan to gather intelligence about Iranian military movements.

The Iranian news agency Tasnim reported that Israeli soldiers were operating from an American Air Force base in Shindand, in the western province of Herat, about 75 kilometers from the Iranian border.

According to the report, the soldiers are gathering intelligence on Iranian movements in the Persian Gulf region.


Update: Israel spying on Iran from Afghanistan – reports (Jerusalem Post)

WNU Editor:  Are there Iranian military movements in Afghanistan to be observed?

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