Daily Mail: Trump hits Chinese military with punishing sanctions for buying Russian jets and missiles in new push to isolate Putin’s defense and intelligence sector

* New sanctions authority lets the U.S. penalize countries that do business with Russian defense and intelligence companies and exporters
* An agency of China’s military bought Russian-made jets and missiles, so the State Department is sanctioning it and its director
* Practical impact is to freeze any of their assets in the U.S. and bar them from global markets by blocking foreign exchange transactions controlled by the U.S.
* The Russian arms merchants had already been blacklisted through other American sanctions regimes

The United States hit a Chinese military organization with punishing financial sanctions for buying Russian fighter jets and missiles as it stepped up pressure on Moscow over its ‘malign activities.’

It was the first time the Trump administration targeted a third country with its CAATSA sanctions, designed to punish Russia for its seizure of Crimea and other activities.

The State Department said it was applying the 2017 legislation against the Equipment Development Department of the Chinese Ministry of Defense for its purchase of Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets and S-400 surface-to-air missiles.


Military And Intelligence News Briefs — September 21, 2018

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