AN INTERVIEW Lexington conducted with Senator Marco Rubio last month caused a stir. Mr Rubio and this columnist had a wide-ranging chat in his Senate office around the broad theme of re-gearing conservatism for an age of economic disruption. It was an interesting discussion, in which Mr Rubio showed himself to be a more thoughtful and original politician than his public pronouncements sometimes make him sound. Lexington said as much in this column. The controversy arose from a criticism Mr Rubio made of the tax reform passed last year. It now requires a response from The Economist.

But first, a bit more background. Mr Rubio was critical during the interview of what he considered to be his party’s outmoded and complacent view of business as a panacea for all America’s economic needs. Recalling his party colleagues’ claim that workers would benefit hugely from the steep corporate tax…Continue reading

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